Geo Hoehn (Höhn) is a composer for film and television. He runs  Insomnia Studios  . He specialises in film score composition, music production, recording, sound design and final mix. He is an expert in composition, orchestral arrangements and film music sound.

He is a master in the art of the elusive “cinematic edge” in both composition and musical sound track design. Having many years of experience in sound engineering, his methodology and approach aims at integrating his musical scores in a seamless manner with sound design. 

In his formative years he was exposed and partook in to a variety of cultures that inspired his musical inclinations and passions. He received his initial musical training in Germany. He is also engaged as film-music and sound post graduate lecturing for various universities. He also writes for music libraries in his free time.

You can find a full list of his work including his work as Re-recording Mixer here: Geo Höhn’s Website

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